How to Connect Your Art with Your Audience

There is a big difference between simply hanging art on a wall and creating an engaging art experience. If you’ve worked with NINE dot ARTS before or are familiar with our collaborative art consulting and curating process, you know that thinking holistically is central to our approach.

We’re not just identifying artists and procuring artwork, we’re thinking about how the people our clients want to reach will experience the space. Because we recognize that one of the most important ways we can demonstrate the value of investing in art is by creating a powerful experience that resonates for our clients’ audiences. A big part of ensuring that experience is successful? Effective marketing.

According to our recent State of the Art Consulting & Curating Business survey, only 29% of respondents light their art or have placards and less than a quarter – 17% – celebrate and promote the artist and artwork. This is a huge missed opportunity.

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