Art with Intention

How Art Curation Tells a Brand’s Story

Have you ever walked through an office building’s courtyard with a fascinating sculpture on your way to an appointment? Or down an airy corridor with engaging artwork on the walls? What about entering a hotel lobby only to find a one-of-a-kind chandelier hanging overhead, throwing millions of rainbows on the ground below?

Art changes the way we interact with the world, and art curation for business creates art with intention.

Unlike art galleries or brokers with limited inventories, NINE dot ARTS works with artists from around the world to help clients who need to fill varied spaces with everything from multimedia to outdoor sculpture, to everything between the two. Ultimately, NINE dot ARTS helps brands tell their stories via curated packages of art, which we call art experiences..

From 35-foot sculptures to installations hanging between buildings, from murals to canvases, the art sourced for clients may be commissioned or ready-to-buy and spans the entire visual art world.

But what exactly makes art consulting and curating so effective? It’s all about finding the right art and leveraging the right people to find it.

The Right Fit

Part of finding just the right art involves thinking about how pieces will appear in a client’s space.

· How will the art be viewed?
· How will it work with the existing architecture?

· How do people flow through the space?
· What will the narrative tell visitors?

Answering those questions effectively leads to the end goal of art consulting and curating: creating an elevated experience.

In other words, a cohesive experience—one that tells the brand’s story—can only be achieved by considering a collection of art, rather than a single piece. Businesses may need a full art vision and plan, or they may require individualized art consulting in the form of advice or research. Enter the curators, not salespeople. At NINE dot ARTS, our curators are embedded in the art community as members of non-profit boards and volunteer leaders in emerging creative groups. We advocate for both artists and clients, connecting them to create a cohesive, mutually beneficial partnership.

Bringing a brand to life begins with creating an art vision and plan, so team members like Associate Curator Stephanie Edwards meet with clients to learn about their brands. She starts with a discovery process, then creates an art goal and defines criteria. Then she moves into helping clients tell their stories in a unique, visual way.

NINE dot ARTS also provides information as a service to clients looking to get advice on rearranging existing art or planning for the future. Our work on the art master plan for the Denver International Airport is a good example of how this works.

A Job Well Done

Finding the right art relies on having the right people, so everyone on the team at NINE dot ARTS has either an artistic or academic background related to art. Why? Curating is complex. But team members like Associate Curator Kally Mott can take a complicated project and make it simple and streamlined. Our curators’ work involves first combing through art trends, art sources, and art history. Then, they carefully choose the options that best represent the message a client wants to convey.

“Artists are going to communicate a story through their work,” Mott says. “A curator’s job is to understand that narrative and channel that to the right audience.”

We consider both the opportunities and challenges, from space limitations to budget constraints, along with the timeline for art selection and acquisition. As a result, our commitment to the creative process and the ultimate experience—whatever the challenges, opportunities, and timeline—is inherent in all NINE dot ARTS client projects.

Art has the power to generate ideas, make connections and tell stories, and with NINE dot ARTS, you can take an ordinary space and turn it into an extraordinary experience.

Unlocking the Relationship Between Art and Space

At NINE dot ARTS, we regularly tell our clients that transforming a space into an art experience is as much about the process as it is about the outcome. If you happened to read our latest blog post, you’d learn that the most powerful art installations start with the foundation of a clear vision and well-defined goals.

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Field Day: Inspiring Denver’s Next Generation of Artists

Not a day goes by when our team of art consultants and curators aren’t inspired by the creativity of Denver’s arts scene. We consider ourselves fortunate to belong to such a supportive community that believes in art’s power to generate ideas, make connections and tell stories.

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NINE Artists to Watch

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our work is connecting our clients with talented artists, curating art to create a unique experience that aligns with our clients’ goals. As we continue to blog about our favorite sets of nine to commemorate our NINTH anniversary, we invite you to keep an eye on these nine talented artists who are making an impact through their art in Colorado and beyond.

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NINE Unexpected Places to Find ART in Denver

2019 marks NINE dot ARTS’ ninth year, and as part of our celebrations of nine years of using the power of art to transform the average business environment, we’re blogging about several sets of nine, beginning with NINE Unexpected Places to Find ART in Denver.

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We’re Launching an Internship Program!

The curatorial possibilities are endless! Our team at NINE dot ARTS is excited to announce our new internship program, designed to engage the next generation of art professionals in using the power of art to transform the average business environment. The program, which will launch in January 2019 with five intern positions supporting all facets of the organization, is designed to provide comprehensive insight and hands-on experience in the art advisory business, while encouraging students across disciplines to explore a career in the arts. Resumes will be accepted on an ongoing basis, with a December 10 deadline to submit resumes to join the inaugural class of Intern Dots.

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A curated art program is one way companies can connect brand and culture across geographies

At NINE dot ARTS, we see art as a tool for making connections and uniting communities far and wide. The businesses we work with, in particular, find that art can connect their locations that might see geography as a cultural barrier. For example, a company’s culture in a Miami office might be very different from one in Seattle – but luckily for many companies, art can function as a unifier.

No matter the size or scope of a project, NINE dot ARTS holds in-depth consultations with each new client to understand the company’s personality and desired creative space. Our goal at the end of a session is to create a “mission statement” and template for the company’s art and the criteria we can use to emulate this. This effort is more than just repeating the same pieces in different locations, however, typically beginning with a base template with flexibility to make slight variations depending on the office location.

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Great Curatorial Work Comes from Great Collaborations with Artists: A Team Member’s Takeaways from the Emerging Curators Retreat

Earlier this summer one of our very own dots had the opportunity to attend Otis College of Art and Design’s first Emerging Curators Retreat. NINE dot ARTS Associate Curator Arielle Myers joined professional curators, artists and thinkers alike on the retreat in Los Angeles to listen in on talks, conversations and presentations from some of the most established curators and artists in the country. The program, which focuses specifically on Los Angeles’ local art scene, aims to attract emerging, talented and diverse individuals looking to advance their artistic and curatorial skills, while allowing them the opportunity to engage with the local art community and advance their careers as curators.

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Meet the Muse: Adelaide Harcourt’s Collection at the Perry Lane Hotel

We’d like to introduce you to Adelaide Harcourt, a seventh generation Savannian. She comes from a long line of financiers with a penchant for collecting, and as the sole living member of her family, she’s determined to gift the arts legacy of her family to the city of Savannah through sharing her collection of family heirlooms, travel mementos, and contemporary artwork with the recently-opened Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Inside an Art District’s First Hotel

The Ramble Hotel, the first hotel in Denver’s booming River North (RiNo) neighborhood, opened in May 2018 with a specific type of traveler in mind: those who like to wander without a destination (i.e. to ramble) and appreciate timeless elegance in a worldly yet contemporary setting. NINE dot ARTS curated the hotel’s art program for the Gravitas Development Group to entice this target clientele, as well as elevate the hotel’s setting as a gateway into the RiNo Art District.

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