7/S Denver Haus

Denver, Colorado

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The Story

7/S Denver Haus is a multifamily apartment complex located at 7th & Sherman in the Governor’s Park neighborhood of Denver. It is owned and operated by RedPeak, a Denver-based developer of apartment complexes. Everyone involved with the project takes great pride in a strong design with high-end architectural and interior design details.

The goal of the art experience was to connect to the eclectic neighborhood surrounding 7/S while maintaining high quality aesthetics. Themes of color, material, and vibrancy are prevalent with moments of intrigue and discovery sprinkled throughout. The collection features work by local, emerging artists as a way of connecting with and supporting the community. 7/S is an example of how an experienced consulting and curating partner can create a memorable art experience while also maximizing your budget through local art community knowledge and a carefully selected mixture of artworks.


7/S Denver Haus

Denver, Colorado

Art Program Results:
- Artwork collection is used as a marketing tool to attract new tenants
- Collection of original artworks on a tight budget
- Property has used artwork to enhance community engagement
- NINE dot ARTS led tour of collection for property residents
- Meet and Greet artist event with artists featured in the collection
- Demonstrations of practice by artists in the collection
- Print sale featuring work by an artist in the collection

Art Program Facts:
- Collection features local, emerging artists
- Site-specific commissioned sculpture installation for exterior patio
- Variety of media and materials (examples include - sculpture made of filament produced by a 3D pen, wall sculpture made of fabric and thread)
- Artwork created on site at community event