Dairy Block Alley

Denver, Colorado

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The Story

Dairy Block was once home to Windsor Dairy which was led and brought to prominence by H. Brown Cannon. The Dairy Block site was cemented as a state-of-the-art home for Windsor Dairy in a landmark real estate deal inked in 1920. Today Dairy Block is a unique micro-district in the heart of Denver’s historic LoDo neighborhood that continues the tradition of quality and craftsmanship originally established by H. Brown Cannon. Today, visitors to Dairy Block will encounter countless opportunities to find the unexpected.

The first of its kind, this ‘activated’ alley block opened up a new LoDo, giving pedestrians the freedom to browse all of the shops and sights the passage features. Spilt Milk by George Peters & Melanie Walker greets passers by with a colossal sculpture paying homage to the venues history. As you progress down the alley you encounter a neon work by Collin Parson, lighted walkway by Jen Lewin, and an interactive sculpture by Nikki Pike and Thomas Dodds. Surrounding these creations are murals by Sandra Fettingis, ILLSON, Evan Hecox, The London Police, Chad Hasegawa, and Hyland Mather. The culmination of these works creates a feast for the eyes, and a cumulatively delightful experience.


Nine dot Arts continues to exceed my expectations. They’ve helped us tell a story through art that pieces together our project’s past, present and future. As curators their ability to identify and source artworks that are immersive and experiential has helped make Dairy Block a unique destination in Denver.

Chad McWhinney, CEO and Co-Founder, McWHINNEY

Dairy Block Alleyway

Denver, Colorado

Art Program Results:
- Denver's first activated pedestrian alley draws huge crowds
- The Alley celebrates The Dairy Block brand of "the maker
- Transforms a utilitarian space into an interactive experience
- Connects the location's past with its present

Art Program Facts:
- Eight site specific public art commissions
-7 Muralists
-Sculptor Nikki Pike worked with local musicians from the Colorado Symphony to create audio recordings for her interactive 'Musical Churns' installation.
- The Sculpture, 'Spilt milk', by Airworks Studio is 30 feet tall.
-McWhinney and NINE dot ARTS teamed up to sponsor a creative writing class with Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop. The winning poet, Geri Montoya, has her work displayed on a large backlit panel which bookends Blake’s Passage.
- NINE dot ARTS worked with Like Minded Productions to have murals painted by local and international artists in during the Colorado Crush Mural Festival.