Gates Family Foundation

Denver, Colorado

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The Story

With its move out of the Gates Company headquarters, Gates Family Foundation wanted its new office to exemplify its mission and reflect its investments in projects and organizations which have a meaningful impact in Colorado and enhance the quality of life for those living in, working in and visiting the state. The story of Colorado’s Native American heritage, natural assets, Western roots and a promising future in education is embodied through diverse artistic materials and subject matter that incorporate whimsy, humor and directly engages the audience. Gates Family Foundation’s office represents Colorado’s land through multiple facets, including Denver’s changing urban environment and the oft-ignored plains. Land protection and conservation remain one of the Foundation’s core initiatives, and the reinvented and artistic portrayals of Colorado serve as daily reminders of the importance of these natural resources. The art also reflects Gates Family Foundation’s frequent work with native peoples. This exceptional workspace proves how smart design and a thoughtful and thought-provoking art collection can transform an environment into an experience.


“Art collecting isn’t part of our mission. But when we moved to a landmark historic building, we wanted art that was created by Colorado artists, relevant to the areas in which we work, and affordable on a limited budget. Nine Dot Arts did an amazing job finding pieces that tell a story and communicate who we are as a philanthropic organization. The art in our office is a source of joy and pride, and is an essential part of the character of a space that is used by many, many community organizations.”  Thomas A. Gougeon, President, Gates Family Foundation

Gates Family Foundation HQ

Denver, CO

Art Program Results:
-Showcases the Foundation’s stewardship throughout the state
-Ties imagery to the Foundation’s diverse giving priorities
-References urban and rural environments
-Remains accessible yet engaging
-Melds the historic and contemporary

Art Program Facts:
-25 artworks over 20,000 square feet
-Hanging installation created from mica flakes
-Commissioned topographical map in the shape of Colorado
-12 Native American parfleche bags on display
-Colorado-based artists and galleries