H Hotel

Los Angeles, California

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The Story

NINE dot ARTS developed the H Hotel art collection to reflect the human fascination with flight. Featuring local Los Angeles-based artists as well as national artists studying flight, the artwork explores air travel from a modern angle while honoring the industry’s past with a collection of historical objects from the golden age of aviation. San Antonio-based artist Patti Ortiz’s rose gold paper airplanes, a like a flock of birds, gracefully lead visitors from the lobby towards the restaurant and bar. Known for his aerial photography, L.A.-based artist Jeffrey Milstein documented a series of airports from coast to coast. Haunting and gorgeous, his LAX 4 in the library shows a terminal at one of the nation’s largest airports. The library shelving features objects like a vintage leather aviator helmet, runway lights, various model airplanes, airplane parts including a joystick and altimeter, and a small sculpture by Santa Fe-based artist Kevin Box, known for his origami-inspired airplane sculptures. The art by L.A.-based Jim Darling in the coffee bar features abstracted landscape scenes through the windows of a plane. Spaced similarly to those on an actual jetliner, the works, made through layers of carved wood, imitate the through-a-portal view of a passenger. In the restaurant, Dylan Beck’s 150 ceramic planes create flight patterns above the banquette while Derek Keenan’s gilded geometric wall sculptures reference mid-century modern geometry. The collection allows visitors to lose themselves in the idea of air travel while combining the myriad aspects of flight: science, jobs, fashion, and exploration.


“You’ll feel like you’re in flight when you see L.A. artist Jim Darling’s ‘Plane Windows’ at the H Hotel near LAX.”  Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times

H Hotel

Los Angeles, California

Art Program Results:
-Celebrates the glamour of air travel
-Simulates the experience of flight
-Interprets a singular theme in myriad ways
-Engages guests through multiple, diverse art forms

Art Program Facts:
-7 site-specific flight-themed artworks
-35 aviation artifacts
-150 porcelain planes by Dylan Beck
- Art collection featured in the LA Times