The Hilton Garden Inn

Boulder, Colorado

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The Story

Every art program we curate tells a story. The recently opened Hilton Garden Inn in Boulder, Colorado features one of the more meaningful of these stories. Thanks to a partnership with NINE dot ARTS, Sage Hospitality and the University of Colorado Boulder (CU), the hotel features art from students and alumni of the university, which sits just up the street from the hotel. Through an eighteen-month-long arts mentorship program called Beyond the Studio, mentor Lisa Solberg, internationally renowned artist and CU Boulder alum, worked with CU MFA in Painting candidate Johnny DeFeo to create a mural-like concept that was reproduced in all 172 guest rooms of the hotel. The Hilton Garden Inn shares a campus with the Embassy Suites, which NINE dot ARTS curated simultaneously, and shares its focus on the natural world. While they share the focus on nature, the style of work is very different. The Hilton’s collection emphasizes their playful take on nature and the hotel’s brand by incorporating bold, bright colors, graphic elements, geometric and floral elements.

In the guestrooms, Chinn Wang uses Ben Day dots to create the pop-art inspired vinyl wall covering in the bathrooms. Laura Shill’s photographic series also in the guestrooms takes a plant-covered model (2011 CU BFA Adam Milner) around Denver’s River North Arts District. Mark Penner Howell’s Lotus Soup adds a humorous touch to the dining area. Alvin Gregorio’s works in the first and second floor elevator lobbies use birds, neon colors and a graffitilike style to create whimsical experiences. Ana Maria Hernando’s Orange Night combines rich warm tones with intricate and fun patterns. Works such as Dylan Gebbia-Richard’s Flooding, Jane Guthridge’s Light Forms and Lauri Lynnxe Murphy’s City Beautiful 2.0 mimic natural processes and elements. GebbiaRichards encaustic surfaces look almost like miniature mountain ranges while Lynnxe Murphy’s cast urethane forms appear to be lightweight rocks bobbing from the wall. Guthridge’s installation mimics the shadow-play of light cast through a tree’s leaves while also referencing biomorphic, cellular forms.

This art collection provides a fun, unique and engaging guest experience that highlights the local community.  Because few opportunities in the area exist for artists to exhibit their work, the Hilton Garden Inn Boulder art collection serves as a mini-museum for the Boulder region to showcase some of the best artistic talent living in the area and coming out of the university.


“NINE dot Arts has demonstrated its commitment, encouragement, and support of the Colorado arts landscape…not only by way of financial support of local artists as they managed over $2.5 million dollars in local art collections, but also in their works with state universities to curate their collections and offer guest lecture series as well as NDAs overall efforts to advance awareness for Colorado’s local artists.” Walter Isenberg, President & CEO, Sage Hospitality

Hilton Garden Inn

Boulder, Colorado

Art Program Results:
-Educates guests about Boulder's vibrant arts community
-Establishes strong connections between university and hotel
-Provides a unique platform for academic, business and arts partnerships

Art Program Facts:
-1 sculptural picnic bench by Michael Beitz
-1 twenty-two foot painting by Lisa Solberg
-16 CU alum or faculty artists
-172 murals by Johnny DeFeo