Jackson National Life

Lansing, Michigan

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The Story

With a new expansion on the horizon, Jackson National Life charged NINE dot ARTS with connecting its traditional, existing building and a newly designed contemporary, open building. Over a two-year period, NINE dot ARTS created an art program brimming with sophistication, beauty and intrigue using solely investment-quality original artwork. A twenty-foot tall sculpture marks the main entrance for a dramatic and dynamic statement. Outside the site’s connecting glassed-in bridge, five deer sculptures, brightly colored and abstracted, peek out of the woods for delightful surprises among the trees and undergrowth. The project features numerous Michigan-based artists and galleries alongside artists from across the nation. The diversity of artistic mediums and styles throughout the space speak to Jackson’s connoisseurship and vision. The company sees artwork as an integral facet of its work space, focusing on quality and impact first and foremost, for employee engagement and satisfaction.


“We discovered that people need to be surrounded by images that convey a sense of hope and beauty. The art program builds on the hospitality of our staff to create a setting that fosters healing and health – our core purpose.”Sister Melissa Camardo

Jackson National Life U.S. Headquarters

Lansing, MI

Art Program Results:
-Connect the campus’ existing and new buildings
-Elevate the work space
-Employee engagement and retention
-Appeal to a wide audience

Art Program Facts:
-1,384 art locations/artworks over 228,065 square feet
-8 outdoor sculptures
-Museum-quality artwork
-Diversity of artistic styles and mediums
-1,000+ individual glass birds