Seattle, Washington

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The Story

South Lake Union’s reputation for innovation dates back more than a century. With the creation of JUXT, Holland Partners wanted to honor the neighborhood’s industrial past, celebrate it’s tech-oriented present and look to its promising future. Holland Partners hired NINE dot ARTS to create an art collection based on the neighborhood’s industrial chic vibe. The lake-facing lobby features an industry wall composed of historic artifacts from the area’s manufacturing past: ropes from the logging and fishing industry, an anchor to represent boat building, a steering wheel from a Model T and baskets and soap boxes from commercial laundries to name a few. Found post cards and the original blue prints from the site’s former bottling plant appear throughout the elevator lobbies. The 8th Avenue entrance showcases innovative sculptural materials and processes, geometric abstractions in handmade paper and contemporary photography. Throughout the property, playful, unexpected artwork convey character that’s original as the neighborhood itself.


“NINE dot ARTS knows how add that ‘Wow!’ factor to a project. Their creative use of historic artifacts coupled with contemporary art brings the JUXT brand to life and pays homage to South Lake Union’s innovative past and promising future. The artwork is a distinguishing and memorable component of the property.” Lori Liggett, Director of Interior Design at Holland Partner Group

JUXT Apartments

Seattle, WA

Art Program Results:
-Captures South Lake Union's past, present and future
-Showcases JUXT's brand personality
-Creates unexpected and fun moments throughout the building
-Attracts tenants from near-by technology companies

Art Program Facts:
-210 artworks over 393,167 square feet
-Industry Wall featuring historic objects representing South Lake Union's former manufacturing facilities
-Innovative artistic processes and materials
-Playful, engaging works in a variety of mediums (neon, collage, photography, painting, wall sculpture)