Kachina Southwestern Grill

Denver, CO

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The Story

Inspired by the Four Corners region, Kachina pays homage to America’s Southwest region and its native people through a modern interpretation. NINE dot ARTS leveraged these concepts to create an iconic art program that becomes synonymous with its place. Each Kachina restaurant features an actual tree. For the Denver location, artist Greg Elledge re-constructed a tree that the Ladies Fancywork Society, known for their yarn bombs and crocheted creations, entwined with fibers from acrylic yarn to nylon roving that spiral onto the floor. The piece obliquely references Navajo and Pueblo weaving while it brings the harsh beauty of the Southwestern landscape indoors. The vibrant, 30-foot long mural by artist Emanuel Martinez serves as a tribute to the staple food of the Southwest – maize – and to the region’s rolling highways, pastel-hued desert skies, and gravity-defying geological formations, anchoring the space with its stylized perspective. The truly collaborative commission process between Martinez, NINE dot ARTS, and Sage Restaurant Group created a stunning result. Outside the restaurant, NINE dot ARTS solved the problem of eye-sore utility boxes with Anthony Garcia/Birdseed Collective’s graphic, linear, primary colored designs inspired by traditional Southwestern patterns. Kachina’s contemporary take on native and traditional Southwestern culture through its art program has made it a must-see culinary destination that’s a feast for the eyes.

Kachina Southwestern Grill

Denver, CO

Art Program Results:
-Manifests the restaurant’s brand
-Showcases Southwestern America
-Creates an iconic sense of place

Art Program Facts:
-Three site-specific commissioned artworks
-One yarn-bombed tree
-30-foot long mural
-Outdoor murals on utility boxes