Natural Resource Company

Denver, Colorado

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The Story

This small natural resource company looked to curate a collection with as much integrity as their operation. NINE dot ARTS accomplished this by combining quality artworks integrated with their story which mimicked their progressive reputation. NINE dot was able to put their natural resource on display and incorporate its use within the artworks to tell their specific story. This allowed the company to beget a sincere original art collection eliciting respect for their occupation while simultaneously highlighting the importance, and beauty, of their work.


 “The collaboration with our staff, individual departments, and architectural designers has made it possible to always meet our needs in style, budget and function.”  Gary W. Branch, Director of Construction Projects, P/SL

Anonymous Natural Resource Company

Denver, Colorado

Art Program Results:
-references the industries served by the business
-showcased the business’ personal mineral collection in an artistically crafted display
-collection highlights the diversity of both international and local artists
-celebrates the success of the natural resource

Art Program Facts:
-merging of art and business
-highlights the impact of business on environment