Private Residence

Denver, CO

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The Story

NINE dot ARTS employed its same proprietary nine-step curation process to develop a sophisticated, romantic art collection brimming with humor and mystique for a married couple. While skirting the feminine, the collection’s wry wit and unusual installation methods push the aesthetic, resulting in unexpected, idiosyncratic juxtapositions. For example, William Stockman’s gestural, expressionistic, painterly, mixed media piece, “Small Bequest (Daffodills and Tulips),” creates a jaw-dropping moment in the dining room when paired with a black floral-patterned wallpaper. Joel Swanson’s “Untitled (Love)”, twenty-four four-inch by six-inch prints on aluminum, climbs up the staircase landing as if placed by mischievous cherubs. Botanicals play a strong role in the collection. Works such as Heidi Jung’s “Moss Rock Road” meld a traditional subject with contemporary processes and composition. Works in the collection also capture lost creative methods and classical performance. Mark Sink’s wetplate collodions, for example, feature dancers from Wonderbound. Conceptual artist Adam Milner plays the shrub-costumed figure in Laura Shill’s “Shrubs #3.” The series captures once plant-covered locales in Denver’s River North Arts District. Judy Pfaff’s prints, “Light or Dark (No.1)” and “(No.2)” add a lavish and decadent element to the collection with their combination of print techniques and layered line work. NINE dot ARTS curated an intimate collection for this couple that not only adds art to their everyday lives but becomes a part of their home and, ultimately, their family tradition.

Private Residence

Denver, CO

Art Program Results:
-Embodies a refined, bohemian aesthetic
-Relishes the personal
-Activates unusual spaces
-Takes design risks

Art Program Facts:
-7 artworks
-One big stairwell installation
-One custom neon