The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station

Denver, Colorado

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The Story

Union Station’s art collection celebrates the historic building’s lifetime and catalyzes its rebirth as a mixed-use, transit-oriented hub. Curated by NINE dot ARTS, the collection’s eclectic, intermingled mix of artifacts, antiques and artwork documents nearly every decade of the landmark’s existence. Original blueprints record the building’s 1914 expansion while historic train scrolls offer glimpses into Victorian-era life. Rescued ephemera from the Grand Hall’s original benches – wallet-sized photos, pocket change, sales tax tokens, luggage claim tickets, even a 1940s Mickey Rooney trading card – serve as archaeological specimens of a bygone era while antique maps and vintage postcards detail the city’s physical and cultural evolution. Contemporary works by emerging and established Colorado artists blend seamlessly with antique pieces on display as many of the artists reinvent historic processes, techniques, subjects and materials, splicing past and present in unexpected and delightful ways. Like the best personal collections, every piece in Union Station, every corridor, every room tells its own rich and vibrant story.


“They are kind of the hub of the art scene in Denver.”Dana Crawford, CEO of Urban Neighborhoods, Inc.

The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station

Denver, Colorado

Art Program Results:
-Celebrates the history of Denver and Union Station
-Embraces a mixed-use, transit-oriented rebirth
-Creates an eclectic, storied collection of art and object trouvé
-Features only Colorado artists and galleries

Art Program Facts:
Dozens of artifacts salvaged during renovation and restored
-Original 1914 expansion blueprints on display
-Unique artworks in each of the 121 guestrooms
-Reimagined historic subjects
-Over 641 artworks