The Nichols Building

Denver, CO

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The Story

As a four-story, mixed-use building, The Nichols Building serves as a hub for tech entrepreneurs, design enthusiasts, and foodies with tenants Galvanize, Pivotal Labs, Knoll, Brider, and Nichols Partnership’s corporate offices. NINE dot ARTS curated an art collection to inspire and engage the audiences from these disparate industries by integrating geometric, line-based, modular works with pieces rooted in nature. As the site of former dilapidated artist studios, Nichols Partnership intentionally selected local artists as a tribute to the building’s history. Sandra Fettingis’ Wall Tags, a thirty-three-foot long paint and cut-acrylic installation, and Jonathan Saiz’s mixed media wood wall sculpture reference circuit boards and computer hardware with their bold, graphic, modern shapes. With the Platte River directly behind the property, NINE dot ARTS played up the intersection between the urban and natural landscapes. Pieces such as Evan Anderman’s photographs call to mind the serene landscape. Josh Keyes’ Sowers takes a post-human look at the wild reclaiming man-made space. Jared David Paul Anderson, a resident of the site’s former artist studios, has a series of wall sculptures created using found wood pieces that he burned and pigmented before augmenting with 22 karat gold and rope. The sculptures introduce a new way to examine the relationship between man and nature. Finally, in the Nichols Partnership office, NINE dot ARTS placed two works from Danae Falliers’ Colfax series, which she created using composite-based photography methods. Taken over thirty to forty city blocks, Falliers assembles, compresses, edits and alters her photographs to highlight beats and rhythms in color and line. The Nichols Building’s art collection is as diverse, innovative, and multimodal as its tenants and visitors.

The Nichols Building

Denver, CO

Art Program Results:
-Investigates urban infill and land use
-Pays homage to the site’s history
-Appeals to diverse audiences in shared spaces
-References the industries inside the building

Art Program Facts:
-14 artworks
-33-foot long cut-acrylic and painted installation
-5 local artists and 2 local galleries
-22 karat gold used in a wall sculpture installation