Denver, Colorado

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The Story

TriZetto’s art collection tells the story of Colorado’s past, present and future—its people, industries and, most importantly, its natural environment. Purchased solely from Colorado-based artists  and galleries to support the local creative community, the collection’s historical and contemporary works highlight the state’s natural beauty and its artistic talent. The collection’s specific focus on Colorado’s Native American history includes works by Crow tribe artists Earl Biss and Bruce King. Matt Devine’s large exterior sculpture serves as a landmark for TriZetto’s world-wide headquarters, a place where the company and their partners come together to find better healthcare solutions. The art collection serves as a catalyst for conversation and new ideas as well as a celebration of Colorado’s unique past and promising future.

“It’s admirable your knowledge and appreciation for each of the pieces, as well as the artists, no doubt you’re in your niche. I feel everything we looked at and chose is diverse enough for the firm and surely a fit to please everyone. Thank you, you did a great job.” Michelle O’Dorisio, Robinson Waters & O’Dorisio


Denver, Colorado

Art Program Results:
-represents both the history of Colorado as well as the present
-company logo reinterpreted artistically in signature sculpture
- interprets singular theme in myriad of ways

Art Program Facts:
-large scale exterior sculpture
-historical artworks combined with contemporary living artists
-Native American works