Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell Offices

Denver, Colorado

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The Story

When Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell developed its new office space, its goal was to create an environment that would rival the aesthetics of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago firms in order to attract well-known corporate clients in addition to the top litigation talent. Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell’s art collection became a key component of the new design. Culling Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell’s existing art collection to its finest works, NINE dot ARTS made select yet impactful additions, largely from Colorado artists and galleries. Working with RNL to ensure art and architecture work seamlessly together, NINE dot ARTS created an elegant collection filled with moments of reflection, discovery, history and sophistication. The artwork, featuring museum-quality pieces in a wide range of mediums and styles, evokes an energy equivocal to the firm’s success, confidence and vibrancy. The resulting collection provokes thought, enlivens the space and serves as a catalyst for creativity and conversation.


Cart blanche recommendation for NINE dot ARTS. In collaboration with them, we really created a space we enjoy for ourselves, for our guests and for our clients.”  Mike O’Donnell, Chairman, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell

Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell Office

Denver, CO

Art Program Results:
-Represents the firm's well-educated and forward-thinking personality
-Attracts and retains the top legal talent
-Appeals to diverse age ranges
-Showcases timeless quality

Art Program Facts:
-Over 119 artworks on display
-Evaluation of 212 works in existing collection
-Museum-quality artists' work acquired in trade for legal services
-Sculpture comprised of 300 hand-pulled, lamp-worked glass wheat stalks