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Install &

The art experience comes to life through careful coordination with our clients, installers, and artists. Art labels help with identification and engagement and our team helps train client team members with marketing materials and tips for installation tours.


  • When will the artwork be delivered and installed?
    When will the artwork be delivered and installed?

    Because of the risk of damage we prefer to install artwork following the installation of other furniture and equipment in a space. We work with clients to help meet all deadlines and opening dates.

  • Who handles the art installation?
    Who handles the art installation?

    We have a network of professional art installers in all major U.S. cities (and quite a few almost-major cities, too!). We source the best possible installation teams for all of our projects so you can be assured your art collection will be handled and installed safely, efficiently, and in a quality, professional manner. When the budget allows, we will also have our curating and art acquisition team members on-site to supervise the installation and help to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

  • You say you “Install & Engage.” What do you mean by “Engage”?
    You say you “Install & Engage.” What do you mean by “Engage”?

    We like to say our services don’t end at the installation. Our team has developed numerous ways to further activate your collection following installation, including the placement of art identification labels, production of books and catalogs, arranging artist and curator tours, and training your on-site staff on the art narrative, artist backgrounds, and visual concepts. All of these initiatives can help your guests, residents, or visitors better understand the art experience and feel more connected to your property’s brand story.