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NINE dot ARTS® believes in the power of original art to transform an environment into an experience. Through innovative art programs we aim to inspire and stimulate our clients and their communities.

step discovery process that helps your organization explore and define its story

We use a nine step discovery process to define the goals for your collection and keep it viable for the long haul. Our nine step process begins with early planning and ends with post-project programs to keep your art collection viable for the long haul.

Early planning is the alchemy for thematic and technical success; artworks integrated early are in harmony with new building and space designs. Early planning is also the best defense against costly—and avoidable—afterthoughts. 

Post-project processes make sure your organization’s collection is recognized and re-experienced. Lectures, tours and exhibitions enable your organization to leverage the power of art to further express your organization’s benefits to stakeholders and the community. art. is a connection to a larger story®

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Art unifies the architectural power of a building. Art is the cultural currency for a meaningful way to reach and build community. Art on the walls is never-ending inspiration.

Employees see the meaning of your organization’s big picture; they build a personal, emotional relationship to its meaning, one that motivates and aligns them to the vision of the company. art. has that power®

The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station

the crawford hotel at denver union station story

Union Station’s art collection celebrates the historic building’s lifetime and catalyzes its rebirth as a mixed-use, transit-oriented hub.  Curated by NINE dot ARTS, the collection’s eclectic, intermingled mix of artifacts, antiques and artwork documents nearly every decade of the landmark’s existence.  Original blueprints record the building’s 1915 expansion while historic train scrolls offer glimpses into Victorian-era life.  Rescued ephemera from the Grand Hall’s original benches – wallet-sized photos, pocket change, sales tax tokens, luggage claim tickets, even a 1940s Mickey Rooney trading card – serve as archeological specimens of a bygone era while antique maps and vintage postcards detail the city’s physical and cultural evolution.  Contemporary works by emerging and established Colorado artists blend seamlessly with the other pieces on display as many of the artists reinvent historic processes, techniques, subjects and materials, splicing past and present in unexpected and delightful ways.  Like the best personal collections, every piece in Union Station, every corridor, every room tells its own rich and vibrant story.


Historic artifacts, antiques, found objects, unique works in each guestroom

Gates Family Foundation

the gates family foundation story

With its move out of the Gates Company headquarters, Gates Family Foundation (GFF) wanted its new office space to exemplify its mission and reflect its investments in projects and organizations which have meaningful impact in Colorado that enhance the quality of life for those living in, working in, and visiting the state.  GFF worked with Semple Brown Design and NINE dot ARTS to bring their new space to life. As a testament to GFF’s mission, the new office design features elegant-yet-subtle natural finishes as well as artwork by and from Colorado-based artists and galleries.  The new collection tells of Colorado’s Native American heritage, its Western roots, and a promising future through a fresh, creative lens, one that showcases diversity through materials and subject matter, incorporates whimsy and humor, and directly engages its audience.  The collection’s Western landscapes, for example, showcase Colorado’s land through multiple facets, including Denver’s changing urban environment and the oft-ignored plains. The new design and art collection look towards the future while acknowledging both the Foundation’s and Colorado’s past.


Native American, Western landscape, diversity

The Curtis Hotel

the curtis hotel story

Sage Hospitality chose NINE dot ARTS to update The Curtis Hotel’s art collection for its recent renovation.  The new collection had to simultaneously accomplish these goals: support local artists to fulfill Sage’s company-wide mandate; fit within predetermined guestroom themes ranging from Lucy & Desi, Talladega Nights, Talk Shows, Ghostbusters and more; predominantly take the form of massive wall murals and brand the hotel as a one-of-a-kind, pop-culture experience for guests.  NINE dot ARTS commissioned primarily Denver-based artists to create unexpected, imaginative, humorous interpretations of each room’s theme.  Additionally, NINE dot ARTS collaborated with subject-matter experts from the president of the Colorado Parrot Head Club (Jimmy Buffett’s fan club) to the San Francisco Art Exchange (a fine art gallery specializing in pop culture) to Colorado State University Library’s Archives and Special Collections department.  The results include bunny-eared sumo wrestlers, Star Trek action figures blown up to larger-than-life proportions, parachuting chocolates, Cher Barbie dolls and an all-things-Jimmy-Buffett hidden pictures illustration among others.  The playful, engaging art creates a lasting, unique and unforgettable guest experience.


Predetermined themes, wall murals, pop culture, historic rock-and-roll photography

Colorado Convention Center

the colorado convention center story

The Colorado Convention Center, already known for its progressive public art, selected NINE dot ARTS®to curate eight new pieces from Denver-based artists and galleries with a $235,000 project that nearly doubled their permanent collection.  Throughout the project, NINE dot ARTS® helped coordinate an innovative public-private partnership between Denver Arts & Venues, the city agency that oversees the convention center, and SMG, the center’s management firm.  The new additions showcase both the city’s artistic forefathers such as Roland Bernier and Phil Bender as well as its next generation of creatives like Mindy Bray, Derrick Velasquez, and Sandra Fettingis.  The new convention center art became a cornerstone for the launch of IMAGINE 2020, Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s new cultural plan for Denver.


Local artists, site specific commissions, 160 ft. wall installation, public art

Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Downtown

the courtyard by marriott san diego downtown story

Hired by Sage Hospitality to realize its company-wide mandate to use local artists in each of its properties across the nation, NINE dot ARTS curated a collection of San Diego-metro area artists to reinvent the Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Downtown. Highlights of the art collection in this landmark building, the former San Diego Savings and Trust in the Gaslamp Quarter, are two commissioned works: a colorful, contemporary portrait of the bank’s founder, J.W. Sefton, Senior, by Los Angeles artist Leia Steingartin the presidential suite and the hotel’s signature lobby piece, Onward and Upward, an eight-foot oil painting by emerging San Diego artist Sarah Stieber.  The hotel’s 300-piece art collection seamlessly celebrates the city’s past, present and future.


local artists, Southern California, historical photographs, landmark building, large painting commission

Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell

the wheeler trigg o'donnell story

"We want this (collection) to be enjoyable, provocative, fun and interesting." --Michael O'Donnell

Those words launched an 18-week art procurement process where high-quality works by contemporary collectible artists who would appeal to diverse groups of people and reflect a discerning taste. Each piece is enhanced through a curated display which has intrigue, liveliness and longevity. The architecture and design team at RNL has created a space that is subtle and beautiful, giving the art freedom to create points of focus, reflection, impact and elegance. The pieces have individual impact, but the true strength is the collection as a whole. 


Mexico City Museum of Contemporary Art, refurbished existing collection, art tours

James Hyatt Studios

the james hyatt studio story

The artwork for this landscape architecture studio had to stand on its own, in any setting, and still proclaim its beauty and elegance. The art became the focus for an important first impression. It sets the tone. It incites possibility and botanical imagination. The artworks help tell the story that a space is created by what clients envision and desire, so the art reflects the meaning of natural beauty and has become more powerful than art that is a representation of client work. 


Monotypes, steel, photography, oil paintings and photogravure

The Town of Avon, Colorado

the town of avon story

Imagine planning a city around the ability of art to engage visitors. Each artwork became a monumental landmark. Art set the stage to develop a community and enhance business development and tourism. The developer regarded the art, design, and architecture as a way to become a world-class destination that could compete with Vail and Aspen. 


1.5 million square feet, 8 large-scale site integrated sculptures

Undisclosed Client

the undisclosed client story

NINE dot ARTS® was presented with an elegant office space designed to showcase an unrealized art collection. This natural resource client wanted to demonstrate the many agricultural uses of their product as well as their production locations through the artwork. The art emphasizes the importance of their industry and the landscapes of their sites. 


Mineral display, historic photographs, art catalogue, unique hanging system to avoid holes in the stone walls

Dual-Brand hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites and Homewood Suites

Dual-Brand hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites and Homewood Suites story

Stonebridge Companies came to us more than two years ago with an incredible opportunity to work with Design Force to transform the old Xcel building into an entirely new space for Denver’s first dual-brand hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites and Homewood Suites.  The design team envisioned an exhilarating and fabulous concept for the renovation and the artwork is a cornerstone to their design.

NINE dot ARTS® commissioned the majority of the collection’s artwork specifically for this hotel and worked closely with the design team to create custom spaces tailored to each piece. Niched walls frame the pieces while complimentary wall colors enhance the art’s impact.  The shared goal of creating an experience with art and design unified the project team from start to finish.


Local artists, site specific commissions, 32 foot wide painting

Corporate Headquarters

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